The rules of Nascondino World Championship play

The teams will be randomly sorted into four rounds.

Teams will select one player from their team to participate in each of the 10 games per round.

Team points are tallied based on points of individual team members.

The 20 teams with the most points will advance to the Finals. The winning team will be presented with the 2017 Golden Fig Leaf.

You get one minute to hide, then five minutes to get to home base (a big soft mattress that you can hurl yourself at if you need to).

The first player to reach home base is awarded 20 points, the second is awarded 19...and so on.

Those who are caught by a Seeker receive zero points, as well as those who don’t reach home base within the time limit.

The team of Seekers will be neutral.

You are allowed to bring hiding places from home, so let your imagination run free!