Terms and Conditions of Nascondingo Team Applicants

You understand that by applying to join the Nascondingo team at the 2017 Nascondino World Championships you agree to:

  • Make yourself available for travel to and from Consonno, Italy between the dates 2-12 September 2017 (inclusive)
  • Be prepared to pay for your own travel, accomodation, meals and expenses for the project should sponsorship funding not be available
  • Consent to appear in a documentary about the project with no payment or other consideration
  • Consent to participate in television, film, radio, print and online publicity, and other marketing and promotion as reasonably requested
  • Waive any rights to liability, damages, fees or payments from The Nascondingos due to anything that happens (or doesn't happen) as a result of your participation
  • Not be a douché or a prima donna
  • Seriously, no douchés, no prima donnas. Not even any dickheads.
  • No, clearly we're not lawyers and we may ask you to agree to more lawyerly terms and conditions at a later date. You agree to give them a casual glance and sign without a moment's hesitation because we seem like nice people

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