Australia's first entry in the World Hide and Seek Championships

It's a game of

...with just a couple of minor tweaks.

The Seekers

How to play Nascondino

See these strapping young men who somehow make orange look good? They are the Seekers. It's their job to find each of the players on the Nascondino field, shout out so they know they've been spotted, and then beat them back to the big bean bag 'safe zone'. If a seeker beats you back to the safe zone, you're eliminated. If you make it back without being spotted, or if you can beat the Seeker back, you get points for your team. First player back gets 20 points, second player gets 19 points, third player gets 18 points, and so on. Strategy, cunning and a little luck come in handy.


How to win at Nascondino

Even chunky fellas like this can stay out of sight, wait until the Seeker is looking the other way, and make a dash for the safe zone. Nascondino takes fitness, speed, cunning and courage.

There are a variety of obstacles placed all around the playing field, from bed frames to portaloos. Some obstacles are better than others, providing better or worse cover from different angles as the Seeker roams the field, spotting players. One player from each team competes in each five minute round. Teams with the highest scores advance to the finals. 

Alan Jones Flying

Why Nascondino a great spectator sport

Every round, spectators are treated to epic feats of agility and hilarity as players make a break for it, often several players at once (imagine a game of baseball where everyone on all the bases tries to make it home at the same time). Attendees are also treated to an ongoing music and food festival during the two days of the event. Nascondino teams are mixed gender and women compete on an equal footing since all Nascondino requires is speed, athleticism, cunning and most of all, a sense of fun. 

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Help us

The Nascon Dingos are on the hunt for a kick-arse venue to bring the sport of hide and seek (the Italian way) to 'Straya! 

If you know a great venue to host hide and seek (think lots of parking, a big field to put obstacles in, that isn't a pain in the butt to get to) drop us a line on the contact form above and below. 



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