The team


Stu owns Stem Media, a film and TV production company, and Al invests in early-stage tech startups at BlueChilli. In 2016 Stu and Al produced The Big Smoke Bottle Boat, where we built a boat out of 5,000 little plastic wine bottles, drove it 4,000km across the Australian Outback to Darwin, where our four-man paddling crew placed second in the Darwin Lions Beer Can Regatta. At the time, we thought it was the first time anyone outside Darwin had entered a team in the race. The film about the project is currently in production for release in 2017.

Inspired by Bottle Boat we sought out other opportunities to tell the story of larrikin Aussies doing stupidly-adventurous things for the love of it.

This year, a small band of self-funded, foolhardy, adventurous Aussies will compete on the world hide-and-seek stage for the very first time.





Sacha Ward is an experienced endurance athlete working in advertising in London but who never feels more alive than when he is in the Australian bush.







Chanie Hyde (on the right with her friend Vee and some actor guy with ridiculous muscles) works in tech startups, blogs about eating extreme foods and is a keen Crossfit and Roller Derby competitor. You probably don't want to try and stop her getting to the safe zone, she'll take you down.




Tommy Ekman is a tech startup business expert living and not-currently-working in Stockholm but Brisbane is his true spiritual home.