Australia's first entry in the World Hide and Seek Championships

It's a game of

...with just a couple of minor tweaks.


How to play Nascondino

See the guy in the stripy shirt? He's the Seeker. It's his job to find each of the players on the Nascondino field, shout out their number so they know he's spotted them, and then beat them back to the big bean bag 'safe zone'. See the guy on the right? If the Seeker beats him back to the safe zone, he's eliminated. See the guy in the cool shades behind them? He's just a photographer. Cool shades though, right?


How to win at Nascondino

Even chunky fellas like this can stay out of sight, wait until the ref is looking the other way, and make a dash for the safe zone. There are a variety of obstacles placed all around the playing field and you compete with one player each, from five other teams, to make the best use of the obstacles. Nascondino takes fitness, speed, cunning and courage.


Why is Nascondino a great spectator sport? 

Everybody attending camps out in the hills near beautiful Lake Como in northern Italy. Spectators and competitors  are treated to an ongoing music and food festival during the two days of the event. Nascondino teams are mixed gender and Nascondino as a sport favours speed, athleticism, cunning and fun. 


Join us

The Nascon Dingos are the first Australian team to compete in the Nascondino World Championships. Or at least, they will be, 8-10 September 2017. We'd love to see some fellow Aussies in the audience!



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